Sleep Thieves
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Sleep Thieves Indeed

Artist reviewed by:

"Their music is haunting, dreamy and cinematic, it opens up and rolls in like a storm, enticing and caressing the listener [...] With over 4 million plays on Spotify and almost 100,000 unique listeners the band enjoy a worldwide audience. They are currently working on a new album.'

I recently discovered Sleep Thieves on Soundcloud; they caught me with the track 'You Want the Night', which was mesmerising. The sound was different, simple and effective. I found out they are a 3-piece from Dublin, Ireland fronted by vocalist Sorcha Brennan. They weave spooky landscapes of dark and dreamy synths with Brennan's smooth, high vocal. I've only known about them for a few days and they are way up in my listening priorities.

Lucky Irish dwelling folk can find Sleep Thieves at the Other Voices Festival in early December, the rest of us will have to satisfy ourselves with what we can find online or do like I have and order their album. (I thought it was worth the wait to get it on vinyl)


Strongly recommend giving these guys a listen, you can dance to them but equally you can chill to them... at less than a year old it looks like they could be headed for big things.