Gudrun Gut
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Gudrun Gut

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Snow is going to cover everything around here soon. People, trees, cars, cats and birds will turn white and great calmness will settle down in our hearts and thoughts. A cold beauty of December with its anticipation of something bright and meaningful will spill through our veins. Winter is a Queen.

I’m listening to “Slow Snow” (Swis Remix) by Gudrun Gut. Bass is like a big singing worm coiling on a snow. Its sounds are lulling and spinning. This is a real winter pleasure; celebration of calmness and dignity. Gudrun Gut is calmness, dignity and a slow joy herself. Her records are blissful pictures in a gallery of electronic masterpieces. As you step into this castle of beauty you start hearing the tickling whispers touching your skin so easily and tenderly. Sounds are soft and words are full of wisdom and a universal kindness. Understanding is the key. And it seems like Gudrun Gut breathes with this key. She shines upon every single human being and thing with her art.

When you decide to explore Gudrun Gut’s legacy, be ready for changes which will be happening inside you during this essential experiment. It’s like you are visiting a garden with joys and answers, pleasures mixed with knowledge. And all this was grown for you. “Garten” is the song to be listened to for many times. Slowly, seriously and very attentively you are to bite this apple. You will not be disappointed or lied to. German Queen does not lie and never cheats in her music. Looks like she does not know what lies and cheats in art are. And Gudrun will infect you with this cold, calm and extremely wise way of self-expression. She shares with us and smiles.

Gudrun Gut’s spoken words are echoed in hearts lurking for cure, beauty and understanding. She is a poison and a cure you will never forget. Thank you, Gudrun Gut.  

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