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Magic is always nearby. You just do not feel it constantly because of everyday stupid things and thoughts. Daily routine and commonness disperses your attention and a focus on the important. As a result, you can ignore magical things so simply and irresponsibly. But the point is that you cannot escape truly important things happening for you.

My Special Someone has introduced me to marvelous sounds of TM404 recently. And this was the moment of magic and truth when you hear music made exactly the right way. It tells you stories familiar and weird – you know these stories and pictures. You’ve always wanted to find music played that way. Pictures this music breeds are so desirable. It’s something you’ve been looking for and finally you have found it in someone’s music. TM404 is a revelation of that surprising and exciting kind to me. He creates music the way I’ve imagined.

TM404 is an alias of a Swedish electronic musician / producer Andreas Tilliander based in Stockholm. Andreas is responsible for many electronic acts: Tilliander, TM404, MM, Repeatle, Kondens, Mokira, ETC, Lowfour, Rechord, OSV.

In this essay I want to make you pay your attention to TM404. This is experimental mix of susurrus slow dub sounding like butter with bass wriggling and smiling like a kind snake and a slow techno with clicks and cuts stroking back of your head. TM404 is really something nobly mysterious and slowly thrilling. Once you’ve heard “202/303/303/303/606/606” you cannot stop wanting it again and again. Andreas creates music of a weird apartment where magical and mysterious things happen. You know, I love when the sound is cozy. So, TM404 is extra cozy. It is coziness and sorcery full of elegant charm. A haunted joy of electronic ritual – this is what TM404 is!

Just listen to it attentively and seriously.

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