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Everything’s based on trust. Trust is essential.

Of course, you can demand for facts and proves, recheck everything, but there is always a chance for lies. So trust is basics. And you can always listen to Trust, which doesn’t need any proves and arguments. Trust sound will make you believe everything’s gonna be okay and there is light, anyways. Trust is like moving to another city. You are full of anxiety, hope, fears and visions of a better future. Trust is brightness and a soil. And it leaves you no choice.

Trust is a Canadian band from Toronto. It consisted of two members at the beginning: Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski. Trust released “TRST” in 2012 and then after the tour Maya Postepski left the band. Then in 2014 “Joyland” was released. So trust is Robert Alfons with Anne Gauthier and Esther Munits as live-musicians.  

My introduction to this band was a song called “Capitol”. And I was really amazed with it. The voice of Alfons is really one you trust. And a synth blanket muffles you up with care and confidence in someone in front of you.

This project’s music is a kind of dark side of pop act: a serious and monolithic mix of synthpop and dark wave. But darkness is bright in Trust’s music. It always has a tiny chink with light coming out of it. This light is bringing you faith and hope. Like I’ve said before, Trust is like moving to another city with hope in your heart. Perhaps, now it’s a bit dark around here, but this time everything’s gonna be different. Everything is to be great this time, at last. You just have to trust. 

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