Asia Argento
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Asia Argento

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Sexy drums are on their way! They fly right into your apartment to crash your bad mood and make to dance to furious music. You know, sex is in every single thing, in every breath and object. You just got to feel it. It doesn’t mean that we are to make love to things around us, but it means that Asia Argento sings sex and you’d better try listening to her music. Watching her movies is also highly recommended, but this is a music blog, so let’s pretend we don’t want to discuss “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”, although, we really do.  

Asia Argento is a daughter to Dario Argento (a beloved film director) and Daria Nicolodi (a beloved actress and a screenwriter). So Asia had no any other choice but to be awesome. And she is awesome, talented and stylish in a dark and viscous way. She talks sex and breathes passion. Argento’s musical style varies from electronica, synthpop and electro to some pop and romantic chanson-like ballads. And all this has a mark of the classic beauty and style. Her music has a nerve and depth. That’s why you will be danced to sweat and touched to blobs with Asia’s songs. Listening to her records is like kissing a horny sadness and a desperate lust. Mix some wine with whiskey and celebrate dirt in purity. 

Asia works with a bunch of extraordinary music monsters. Just check out a short list of her cooperation: Hector Zazou, Brian Molko, Trash Palace, Tim Burgess and many other interesting artists.

Songs to be listened to if you really wanna kiss lust in your own reflection: “Sexodrome”, “Vampy”, “Indifference”, “A Radical Bravery”, “Someone” and, of course, “My Stomach Is the Most Violent of All of Italy”. This is just a beginning, believe me. Asia’s music will stick to you and this passion won’t leave you alone.    

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