Alan Vega
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Alan Vega

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Ugly Words for Ugly People (Special Someone) 

I don’t feel like suicide, I feel like Vega, though, it was a hard and pretty nervous day. So when the night is creeping into my “Fat City” I want some special and moody music. I don’t want this night to be sad, sick and tired. Something playful and solid is highly required. Mr. Alan Vega is always here to help in situations like that. So common, let’s do the Vega-dance!

Perhaps, we all think of Suicide when it comes to Alan Vega or Martin Rev. I am not the exception. Suicide is a great and influential band, it’s more than just a band, Suicide is an art-monument. Maybe, I will write about this cult-band later. This time it’s Vega, because I feel like that. Alan Vega is a father for many those we know as great_serious_cult_musicians. This man is an art-project himself: sculptor, musician and a hero of experiments. I think Alan Vega is a style. He’s like a good classic black suit. Whether you like suits or not they are gorgeous. The same thing is about Alan Vega and his art.

And so I put on my best suit and start dancing in my room full of imaginary audience. I’ve got a drive like Saturn and I’m a lover of Love. I move like a tiger celebrating Life with my accurate steps to Vega’s beat. This music engages and turns you inside out. My every cell is grateful to me for this Vega-therapy. This therapy is to be prescribed to all the dreamers feeling tired and cold. Perfect medication, thank you, Alan Vega.

Beats, melodies and lyrics are like butter on bread. Just listen to “American Dreamer” and the night’s gonna be cool; and every single thing will become bright and easy. Try this classic black suit, this style is bulletproof.


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