Four Tet
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Four Tet

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Sticky November evening is around here. And I need something that sticky – music to be touched – something built of crispy samples and airy melodies. A lagoon full of looped sound bursts and a fresh air. I need a tactile musical joy, which can be delivered by Four Tet. It’s like a fairy bringing golden samples in a beautiful box every night at the same time. Those samples are dusted with magical powder.

Four Tet is a British musician/producer/composer from London. He makes electronic music with different flavors: jazz, house, post-rock, UK garage and many others. But all these words and terms are just echoes. Dry shrieks in an overloaded space of clichés and useless stamps. You’d better listen to “Angel Echoes” – these are the echoes to be considered seriously and tenderly. Voices of the real style and taste. Carefully cut, chopped and arranged, this music is taking you away from wherever you are dealing with a dark side of November to a place quiet and peaceful. Collaboration with Burial in a track called “Nova” is another masterpiece of the urban Eden. Fairies whisper like that. The murmurous sounds come out as these strange creatures sing you their songs of kindness and easiness. Four Tet’s melancholy is groovy. Long and atmospheric passages take you somewhere you’ve always wanted to be – places from the purest dreams where nymphs’ love confessions are gently reverbed and delayed, grass is yellow and people do not get old.

Kieran Hebden (Four Tet’s real name) has released numerous long-plays, singles and EPs. Everyone who was not into Tet’s grooves would be surprised and happy to find such a treasure and explore his spacious discography like a pirate with a trunk of invaluable treasures. Imagine yourself surrounded by fairies; you open this box and a million of sounds fly out.


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