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Bernardino Femminielli

Artist reviewed by:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back once again. These night trips with words and music are magical. Hope you feel the same way about our cozy tradition here. I am here, somewhere in the middle of Europe, listening to “Europa” by Femminielli. The night is silent and this song is crawling through a shaggy shade of my speakers’ cracks. It’s fulfilling all space around so delicately and elegantly. This music sighs with pleasure and breathes so languishingly and flirty. What a feeling! If you want to talk to the night, Femminielli music is the key; it’s a secret word, a parole to be whispered, so that the night could clue all the mysteries for you. Please, remember this beautiful countersign.    

This is Bernardino Femminielli, an extravagant musician from Montreal, Canada. He makes electronic music, which is hard to define, though, easy to feel. Whispering, rustling lumps of sounds stroke your ears and brain. Atmospheric passages wrap you softly-softly. Orgasmic synth gurgling and sobbing makes you wanna touch the chocolate lips of your lover. Sax in “O Sodoma” is a porn-anthem of all the dreamers; it sounds weird and… fantastic. Drum-machines are sexier than the sexy. And the voice… it whispers words in Italian, French, English and Spanish so sensually, that it feels like you’ve found yourself in a phantasmagoric sexploitation movie of 70s and there’s Robowoman in a pink underwear in front of you. She’s trying to tell you that making love to her is safe and you won’t be struck by electric discharge. And Liquid Man is crawling up the wall behind Robowoman speaking French words just to make you feel more puzzled, though, convenient. This is it, yes! You do not really know whether to laugh or masturbate, or masturbate laughing while listening to Bernardino Femminielli. But one thing I can tell you for sure: this is extremely talented and charming music that will never bring Bernardino a mainstream superstar status. It’s too good, too deep, too Femminielli. But Bernardino is a star himself, a real star from the Galaxy of Iron Porn and Synth Romantics.

Some useful links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/B.Femminielli/ Bandcamp: https://femminielli.bandcamp.com/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/femminielli Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1814186-Bernardino-Femminielli