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Dancing, laughing, screaming! Cults, rituals, beautiful drama! Cries and magic spells, romantics and funerals. This is what I call richness. Saturated pictures of feelings and emotions dark and doomed, though, fresh m pure and tender. Is it love or death?

This is AIT! – a band of a man named Tairy Ceron. This project has three LPs and a split with Nový Svět. The sounds and style are beautifully frightening and totally sophisticated. I will not write about the whole AIT! project today. This time I want to talk about Tairy’s 2007 album called “Romanticismo Oltranzista”. This is some haunted cabaret with drunken freaks dancing and loving each other. Those people are sad, though, they are laughing. They are mad, but tender. Romantic stories and music for you to enjoy the drama of human secret desires and fears, hopes and joys – this is what AIT! is about. It may sound scary and spooky. Like a haunted funeral where the dead man is not dead, but just tired and disappointed. And the live ones are mixing their sorrow with absinthe to celebrate something Forgotten and Deep.

Musically, AIT! is a kind of dark cabaret, neo-folk, experimental something and a post-industrial, weird electronics. Ok, let it be so. We do not care about all those clichés, we are here to celebrate sacred music. And “Romanticismo Oltranzista” is a perfect reason to do so. Ten songs, each of them sounds like the last one. Like you’ve heard it and it’d be nothing after. Emptiness slowly fulfilling with sense and a tragic beauty. Even flowers dance to those funeral sounds and make love in a dark and anxious air. “Romanticismo Oltranzista” is more than worth being listened to. But this is not an “everyday album” to me. It is something too precious. It’s a “ constant comeback to album”. You are about to come back to it constantly and discover it everytime.

Some useful links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AIT-109660772434379/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/194371-Ait! Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/AIT! MySpace: https://myspace.com/aitshow