Future Blondes
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Future Blondes

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Feathered electronics and industrial sounds made of honey, huh? Soft whispers and steel flies in a black swamp of viscous drone, what about that? Sky is blue. Grass is green. Blondes are forever. The Future is now. I prefer Future Blondes.

It’s about time to meet this awesome project – Future Blondes. This electronic act was created by Domokos Benczedi, Hungarian from Texas, US. Domokos is a drummer in Rusted Shut. Domokos is a part of Black Leather Jesus and A Pink Cloud. Domokos anyways.

Future Blondes mixes electronica, electro, drone, ambient, industrial and lots of other stuff. Well, we can call it “electropunk” – it’s experimental and raw. But you know me, I hate calling music, so, better listen to it. If the style could be defined by fruits, Future Blondes would be some apricot made of still and feather. A radical kindness and melancholy turns to rough experiments with synths and vocals. But all this has got a concept and a flavor. These are the exciting Blondes of our beautiful Future.

“Modern Lies” is like making love to a pillow of memories and amphetamines. You can even throw all your memories away and forget about amphetamines. But the pillow of a bright and warm sound will stroke your head and kiss you to orgasm. Your own damn pillow in an empty room will show you Love and will eat your heart and brains out, while listening to this song. One of my favorite songs, one of the greatest feelings ever!

These Blondes could rule the world – softly, gently, with style. It’s kind of a sweet inevitability. But it seems like Blondes are too busy for ruling our world. They are into something much deeper. They carry out their experiments down in a lab full of samplers, sequencers and a space sex. Love Future Blondes.

Some useful links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FUTURE-BLONDES-75436346490/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1307941-Future-Blondes Bandcamp: https://futureblondes.bandcamp.com/album/feather-17-2 Tumblr: http://futureblondes.tumblr.com/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/future-blondes-0-0-0-0