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Beat Connection Product 3 Album Review

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Organic and wild, Beat Connection’s gives the listener a inside look on modern electronic indie pop. These four young musicians from Seattle released their 3rd full length album on October 23rd, 2015. Beat Connection brings to the table what so many artist have trouble bringing; originality. EDM, indie, and pop all collide to create a multilayered, spaced out funky vibe. Product 3

“Ad Space” quickly became my favorite track from . I would describe it as a Kygo meets Tame Impala, which creates an extremely rewarding byproduct. The song is structured in an ambiguous way with no definitive verse chorus relationship. This, paired with the flowing nature of each individual instrument gives it a one-of-a-kind sound.Product 3

“You shifted the funky spec on me

and that’s when I started to see

Don’t let up at all

Whatcha sayin’ whatcha doin’

I just wanted it to all add up to you”

Lyrics from Ad Space

Beat Connection’s smooth, laid back feel gives their music the complexity to keep your attention in an intimate, personal setting. I have trouble envisioning them captivating an audience in a live environment. There are points in the album where the music could serve as background music at a restaurant rather than the focal point of attention. Overall, I was satisfied after listening to and look forward to what Beat Connection releases in years to come. Product 3

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