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You know, somehow, I guess I feel it. I feel like my every article, essay and much more things I do is dedicated to my Special Someone. We both feel things the same, and this artist I am going to write about is not an exception. I’ve shown this project to her not so long time ago. And we both fell in love with the sound.

Dollkraut is a one man project. The name of this man is Pascal Pinkert. Dollkraut is the tasty beats – groovy and human-like. Yeah, I mean it; those beats got to be spoken to. You want to just drink some wine and speak to those beats, tell them a joke and listen to their stories. Pascal combines it all in his own unique way: retro sound, mysterious melodies, love, passion, lo-fi synths and something else hidden behind the mask of a witty man. This Dutch producer gives us music full of tremendous joy and sadness. It is a very special thing about Dollkraut – you want to dance to it, listen to it really attentively and dream to it at the same time. Like I’ve said before you want to talk to these beats like there are your old friends!

Listening to “Loot” makes you feel like home wherever you are. It’s like some special inside, metaphysical home you’re carrying with you everywhere. “Fire” is disturbing, dark and so native. Dollkraut makes music with face, blood and nerves. This music is a real person. And this is a person you want to know. This is a music being you want to trust.

Oh! “Yushkevic”! A wonderful song! It makes you apologize when you are wrong but cannot face it. It makes you feel and love. It makes you more humane and understanding. A simply song everyone has to listen to. Everyone who has feelings. Everyone who…

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