Are You Alone?
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Majical Cloudz Are You Alone? Album Review

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The electronic-pop duo Majical Cloudz released their 6th full length on October, 16th, 2015 titled . The album features 12 original songs all written and performed by Are You Alone?Canadian singer-songwriter Devon Welsh with support of Matthew Otto. The group was the opening support of Grimes and Lorde during their 2014 North American tour.

The opening track “Disappeared” features slow-moving, beautiful melodies coddled with Welsh’s soothing voice. His delivery of each line is almost in lullaby pentameter. As the instrumentals washed over me, I began to experience a sad nostalgia. 

 “Remember when we used to say

I don't know and it was okay

I am going back to knowing nothing now

Those that forever disappear

All I want is for you to talk to me

The way you used to do”

Lyrics from "Disappeared"

Another track I enjoyed was “Game Show”. It begins with a single synthesizer melody and slowly builds into a swirling euphony of shimmering, bright keyboards. The overall feel of Welsh’s music encompasses a strong emotional reaction from me.I believe its a combination of the lyrical content and the excellent choice of chord progressions that causes this instinctual response.  

features both a minimalistic writing and production style. I think of them as an downtempo, electronic White Stripes. Their unconventional writing style of their music spawns a very creative, introverted environment which I rather enjoyed. Like the album or not, Majical Cloudz is a group that brings the listener a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard.Are You Alone?