Black Zone Myth Chant
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Black Zone Myth Chant

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Ok. Turn off the lights, find your candles, light them, sit back, drink something and turn this music on. Make it louder, yeah. What do you feel? Anxiety and cold sweat? Desire? Hunger? All these feelings are more than just appropriate in case like Black Zone Myth Chant.

There is a man behind this experimental project. His name is High Wolf. Well, actually, he says his name is Max. Just Max. And High Wolf is a stage name, under which many experimental records have been released.

Black Zone Myth Chant is a dark and viscous experiment in drone with a hip-hop influence. High Wolf says Sun Ra and DJ Screw inspired him. Well, inspiration is one thing, and the original artistic vision is totally different thing. And so we have extremely deep and wraparound themes and soundscapes with a wicked and atmospheric character. Black Zone Myth Chant does have a character.

I love music that makes me imagine and allows me to get into my own visions. Frankly speaking, it is just great when you find some creatures sitting next to in your room. They look at you and say hi. They tell you stories of how they’ve become real because of music like Black Zone Myth Chant produces.

Pitched vocals, ambient sounds, reverbs, delays and visions of occult ceremonies – this is what you are about to experience while listening to this experimental masterpiece named Black Zone Myth Chant.

I think I’ve got to tell you more about High Wolf next time. It will be an interesting trip, I’m sure.

My Special Someone told me that Black Zone Myth Chant was the right thing after I’d shown her the project. So, there are two of us suggesting you to try it.

Check out “Orbit Slut” before you go to bed.

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