Kill The Noise
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Kill The Noise Occult Classic Album Review

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New York Dubstep powerhouse Jacob Stanczak more formally known as Kill The Noise, released his new album titled on October 9th, 2015. This is his 8th release in the last 4 years on the popular EDM record label OWLSA.Occult Classic

I was a huge fan of the electronic dance music scene in high school and college. As the music began to become more generic and similar, I lost interest. Kill the Noise is oneof the few I kept following because he separated himself from the rest with his original and massive sound.  

On , the listener is fortunate to have a wide variety of guest features including AWOLNATION, R.City, Feed Me, Tommy Trash, and Dillion Francis. The very first track you are hit with the classic huge “bro-step” sound with flares of unique variety shining through. With lead singer of AWOLNATION Aaron Bruno screaming “I TOLD YOU TO KILL THE NOISE”, it is definitely a powerful opening track. The song “I Do Coke” with Feed Me disappointed me. When I first heard that these two had a collaboration I was ecstatic. The product was a housey, trance mix when I was expecting a big, flamboyant dubstep song.Occult Classic

My favorite track on the album is “Dolphin On Wheels” with Dillion Francis. It’s hilariously good. They sample dolphin squealing and monkey yelling sounds and turn them into a high energy house track.

Overall, doesn’t really demonstrate the originality that Kill The Noise can bring to the table. The album doesn’t have a universal, uniform sound making it sound too sporadic and unorganized. This may because of the widely diverse amount of features on it. In the future, I’d like to hear more of a straight up Kill The Noise album with less tracks featuring other people. I have confidence that Stanczak will continue to bring us good music, and in the future head more towards a singular sound.Occult Classic