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I want some cold and sexy music. I turn on the “Yendri” project and I feel just right. So, I suggest you trying Yendri with me, in case you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about. It won’t harm you, trust me.

Yendri is a Hamburg-based solo project of a mysterious person named Nina Maya Cording. I cannot tell you whether the person is a woman or a man. But it’s even better that way. Nina was born in 1977 and managed to be into many different musical and art projects. “Yendri” is just one of many Nina’s interests and angles of a rich talent, which includes painting, photography, etc.

Nina Cording describes Yendri as electronic music. This modesty is so adorable and respected to me. Well, Yendri’s music is really electronic and it is also dark and sexy. The sound is chilled and anxious. The voice is pure and touching. And there are lots of doom and lust behind Nina’s lyrics and the way she gives us art. Nina controls all the art process as far as no one is to trust when it comes to creating.

While listening to Yendri’s music, one can think of despair, alienation and loneliness. But everything is so alive in Nina’s music at the same time! It is not depressive and suicidal. Yendri is a deliberate cold and sex behind dark, postindustrial house music you want more and more.

Once you have been introduced to Yendri, you’d never be able to forget it, because there is a special sense and meaning hidden in all that, making you wonder and enjoy all this machine love.

Songs necessary: “Negotiations”, “The Grey Line”, “Please, Dear Machine”, “Suck My Life Out”, “Wahmut”, “Just Hurt Me”, “I Will Find You” and many others.  

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