Nao Katafuchi
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Nao Katafuchi

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Here is an artist I have found recently. His name is Nao Katafuchi. He comes from Japan, but Nao resides in New York now.

Music this man makes is romantic, melodic and cold. First, there was a band named “Fortress”, which played electronic music. Then Nao decided to start making his own thing. And so, we have minimalistic coldwave synth-ballads of love, angst, loneliness and pure romantics.

Nao sings, plays guitar and a groovebox. And the sounds this mix brings are clear, minimal and touching. I am talking about a really talented minimal synthwave, which somehow touches the deepest and sacred parts of one’s soul. Nao’s records sound fragile and classy. Yes, his songs are like a bulletproof classical romances of a lonely big city dweller, searching for his true love, happiness and understanding.

You know, Nao Katafuchi’s music is polished and affecting. I think it is a brilliant combination. His sounds are like an old school of music-making: those melodies are so r i g h t and simple. And all this makes an atmosphere of a multicultural love and a big city detachment mixed with a beauty of hope. Like something great is about to happen right now, in a few minutes.

Anxiety is the name of such a beauty, and Nao Katafuchi brings it to you.

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