Nicolas Jaar
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Nicolas Jaar - Fight

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Fight (Nymphs IV) is an extension to Nicolas Jaar's 12'' EPs Nymphs II and Nymphs III. It's an eight and a half minute of a bit of everything perfectly locked together. Very relaxed at moments and then again very bigotry. And then relaxed again. And so on in circles.

Nicolas Jaar is a twenty five year old Chilean composer based in New York, who's been keeping his profile low for almost five years. Since »Space is only Noise«, 2011., he did large volume experimental recordings and in 2015. released an ambient record »Pomegranates«.

Recently, Nico scored the soundtrack to Dheepan, a thriller by French filmmaker Jacques Audiard, which was the winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2015.

Son of a Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar and Evelyne Maynard, Nicolas was born in New York. He meditates every day and believes Aliens are among us.

And as for me, »Fight« keeps me on the edge all the time. I'm feeling like it needs to start any time now, but it never does. I have listened to Nicolas Jaar many times before and love his work, but this one is like patchwork. All the different colours forced together. Even after few listens, I still thought the same thing. Eight minutes of everything, forced together and nicely wrapped. Because he is who he is, he can get by with it, but I know what he can do and I have to say – I am not happy with this one.

Thinking of Encore and Mi Mujer, which is one of my favourites of all times. Not only the track is amazing, but the video! Rooftop Party – like I'm there every time I see it. And the butterflies in my stomach! That's the feeling I expect from Nicolas Jaar, nothing less. And Fight left me sitting still. Nothing there made me want to dance.

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