Genevieve Pasquier
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Genevieve Pasquier

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It’s about time to meet a gorgeous, sophisticated woman with sharp teeth and a glassy electro. She’s got to be “handled with care” (that’s what her Facebook page says) and it is really hard to resist this woman’s talent and charisma. She is Genevieve Pasquier, a cult person of a hard boiled industrial cabaret.

While listening to this Genevieve’s music one can think of: sex, machines dressed to seduce, sex-machines making sounds to make you show your lust. Genevieve Pasquier is a fetish. She sounds and acts so, you do not have any doubts. “Touch it like a Dick” – she screams. Of course, no any other way to touch it in her songs! She is smart and mad – a brilliant combination, isn’t it? “Mon Cabaret” is a song any person interested in music is to know. It sounds like a lesson to all the suckers about how the real things are being done.

Genevieve Pasquier was a part of industrial bands “The Music Wreckers” and “Thorofon”. Then she started her own experimental project. A rough electro with an obscene content may change suddenly into a piece of a lyrical song of a sad, lonely woman sharing her confessions with the horny audience of Cabaret. Genevieve Pasquier is fierce and touching. And her experiments are grown up and mature. She knows what to do with music and how to show it to the listeners. No mistakes allowed. Every song sounds witty and ingeniously.

Her appearance is perfect and her albums are a cult. What else do you need? I think nothing but her music right now. Enjoy yourselves.

P.S. Oh yeah! Genevieve is also an actress! Hope you will find some time to watch movies with her.  

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