Kava Kon
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Kava Kon

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There are two different types of exotica. The first type is something exotic that you don’t want to get back to. The sort of this musical experiment happens once a year or so. You listen to sounds which are interesting but not “yours”. And you might like them, yes, but you realize you won’t be listening to this record constantly or even often. It won’t become one of your favorite ones. It is just a funny experiment.

The second type of exotica is truly “yours”. It sounds different, they bring style which may be not exactly yours, but they create images in your head you love. They touch something in your soul making you feel right. These exotic records are to stay with you, because it’s your kind of exotic. And these experiments, they seem to be carried out by you.

Kava Kon say they genre is “neo-exotica”. It is so yes! And this neo-exotica has hit the spot deep in my heart. It is my type of exotic sound.

Kava Kon is a Detroit based duo. The song “Zombie” made me fall in love with their music. I am sure you must try it. It sounds like sexy zombies dance and sweat. And make love, of course. It also may sound like James Bond watching “The Living Dead Girl” in a motel room in some African country, I guess.

The duo has two albums: “Departure Exotica” and “Tiki for the Atomic Age”. These two LPs are some kind of a present for anyone who loves not trivial, tasty and experimental exotica. Beautiful melodies, strange travels, tropical sex and space adventures: Kava Kon has it all.

A very talented music with an inexpressible atmosphere. Oh! And their artworks are just great.  

Some useful links:

Bandcamp: https://kavakon.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kavakon Official Website: http://www.kavakon.com/