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I want to talk about the band called “Weeknight”. This NYC based duo is playing dark pop, but let me tell you there is something much deeper behind their music than just a dark pop concept. My attitude towards their art is really tender and tremulous. The ones who are into Weeknight music can understand me. And for all those who have never heard of such a wonderful band: be ready to open a precious box with fragile works of art.

Weeknight are special to me for many personal reasons. My introduction to them was a song called “Tonight”. And I was crushed with their sound and lyrics. I’d been listening to this track on repeat for many times before I stopped. I was just sitting there, in a dark, cozy and empty room, thinking about music, life and love. How great it is when two people feel something tender as “Tonight”. Then I’ve shown their music to my special someone. I knew she would feel and understand it. And I was right.

Sincerity and purity of Weeknight’s music makes me think of synesthesia. While listening to their “Sound of my Voice” or “Dark Light”, I can touch deep black, brown, red and violet waves in the air. These waves are calm, friendly, beautiful and wise just like Weeknight’s art. Their synths, drum-machines and delayed guitars hug you, giving you shivers and calmness. Firstly, they may seem to be cold, but it’s not a cold of doomed, senseless living. It’s more like a simple and noble warmth that gives you understanding and wisdom. A simple genius of a beautiful couple you may meet in a subway or a café. They are one of us, but a bit not like us. This is what Weeknight is all about.

You listen to them and feel Love. Simple, kind and true Love. But still I’ve got no words to describe everything I feel about Weeknight. When you find music like this, you realize that this world is not a bad place, really. Life is worth living if there are people like these two somewhere in New York, converting their feelings into a special and tender music.

Some useful links:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeeknightBandcamp: https://weeknightmusic.bandcamp.com/