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The Only BURIAL we want

Artist reviewed by:

Let’s pay some attention to classics this time. Something that will always be fresh and out of any trends and “waves”. Something true. I guess I will never get tired of telling people that Burial is worth listening at least once in their lifetime. William Emmanuel Bevan aka Burial is one of the greatest musicians of the 21st century, I’m sure.

The atmosphere he creates in his tracks is deep and dark. But it’s not darkness of horror movies. It’s more like a doom of everyday life of people in big cities. No matter where you’re from: London, New York, Prague or Helsinki. You will understand Burial’s music if you pay attention to it. Every song by this artist is more like a canvas than just a track. Every single song is a full story, a movie with beautiful, sad and unforgettable views and panoramas.  

Samples, sounds, beats, percussion and lots of reverb, flanges and delays make you want to touch this music. Every sound, every cut and voice is on its right place. So, all you can do is to sit back and get deep into other people’s lives drawn with sounds and touching melodies. And you will be surprised to find pieces of your own life in someone else’s story.

“Temple Sleeper” (January, 2015) is the last thing released by Burial for now. This work is tight and sounds like a lullaby being sung during the storm.  It makes you drown in memories of a person you don’t know. The effect is like if some ordinary passerby would have shown you something sacred, something important, some joys and tears of his life.

Each release by Burial shows us that he keeps up the experiments in sounding and storytelling. That’s why we always look forward to a new song, because the only thing we can say is that it’s going to be another revelation. That’s why we are waiting for something new from the only Burial we want.