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Moby & the Void Pacific Choir

Artist reviewed by:

Something extremely good this ways comes. The new thing from Moby called “Moby & the Void Pacific Choir” is about to smash everything around. This new music he presents is brilliant and magnetic. We all know Moby and everytime he comes up with something new we realize that it’s going to be just awesome, in a Moby-style way. And this project is not an exception. 

All we have now is two songs one of which has a video. The first song is called “The Light is Clear in my Eyes”. There is a light in the song and lots of light in the video. This track sounds a bit like “Animal Rights”. There are dirty guitars, synthesizers and a vocal by Moby in it. While listening to “The Light is Clear in my Eyes” one can get deep into a post-punk atmosphere and remember the times of his band AWOL. It really sounds like a cold new wave, but… It’s Moby with his own unique style. The song makes you feel nervous and calm at the same time. Music video for this track is shot in a VHS, fast and nervous style. Colors and lights make you feel uncomfortable and dizzy, but in the end you want more. And you believe Moby when he says his lights are clear. Only lights he sees like a real Buddhist should.

The second song is called “Moonlit Sky”. It is made in a collaboration with a producer named Robin Schulz. I’ve got to point that it’s a great work, too. Not so comfortably uncomfortable and rough, it sounds much warmer and calmer. “Moonlit Sky” is like a happy dancing after the storm. There are lots of lights and hopes behind every line in this song. Everything dark and bad has gone and now we all can just chill and dance with smiles on our faces. And this is something special about Moby. He can give you a beautiful sadness, an extremely cold new wave and a peaceful techno. But it all will sound in one particular concept – deep and meaningful.

Thank you, Moby, for all these years of sharing your Clear Lights with all of us.