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“Sincerity of a sinner who is more saint than many of those we know”

Great London wonder named IAMX came back with a new song! All the lovers of experiments and fragile beauty are to bow down and shiver. “No Maker Made Me” is another brilliant track from an upcoming new album “Metanoia”. Apple pre-order is ready, so fans can enjoy this LP right now.

“No Maker Made Me” sounds like a cold confession in a church where no one cares. Cold, sharp synths cut your soul like a knife of an experienced torturer. Rough beats and clean, nervous vocal make you believe. Yes, you do believe, because these mysterious and atmospheric sounds are more like a punch. Of course, who could make IAMX? IAMX himself only!

One of the wonderful things about Chris Corner’s art is that you can never get enough of it. It cuts you to pieces, but you beg for more. It burns you and you want to play the song again and again. Sincerity of a sinner who is more saint than many of those we know. Sincerity that can’t leave you indifferent is a style. It’s like a sentence.  

“You’re a f##king sinner!” – screams Chris and you realize that it’s not so bad, really. Everything is not so delightful, peaceful and great in this world around. So what? There is a Magic behind things we see and feel. There is a Magic behind every single thing. And no Makers made us. We are the Makers of ourselves, our beauty and our doom. And our sins are our treasures wrapped in a fabric of senseless memories.   

Thank you IAMX for all this. Thank you for your art and for your new album. I’m waiting for it and I’m scared a bit. Confessions always make me feel so, when they are so sincere, talented and cold.