Why Make Sense?
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Hot Chip Want You To Stop Rationalizing

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UK’s finest electro band Hot Chip continues to walk the road of contagious indietronic and dance electropop with a plausible confidence. With five albums behind them, their newest release Why Make Sense hits right in the epicenter of electro music scene. Once again, they have managed to draw atttention with dance rhythms and very catchy lyrics.

Since 2000, Hot Chip have delivered a complex of intruiging songs, providing fun and joy to their listeners. Their approach to electro is never one dimensional since they tend to combine it with alternative rock, funk and dance. Synth pop that shined on Made In The Dark album is definitely present on their sixth album as well.

It is very difficult for electronic music to be pathetic. It is the same case with Hot Chip – their songs are love themed, but there is no melancholy in it. The concept of the album revolves around falling in love, desire and satisfaction. Does it make sense? Sure. From the first to the last song, there are trying to teach us how there is no need to rationalize everything, rather let go and enjoy the flow of moods and emotions. This is the flow of Why Make Sense.

The sound is similar to The xx and LCD Soundsystem but Hot Chip wouldn’t be Hot Chip If they didn’t throw in something authentic. In their case, it is a touch of straight pop that can be heard in Started Right and Need you know, perfectly combined with synth parts and dance. Nobody can achieve that pop-indie-alternative dance amalgam as brilliantly as they do. Dark Night is a convenient example of that kind of mix. Old sound dressed in modern tones.

Although Why Makes Sense has some glorious moments (above mentioned), most of the album sounds the same. Still, it is an interesting story congruent to the band’s discography. It is not outstanding, rather subtle and fine, which totally makes sense for them.