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Crywolf: New Single entitled Rising, Rising to be released on September 24, 2015

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 Justin Taylor Phillips, an indie producer, is constantly impressing its fans with recently  announced new single "Rising, Rising" that will be released on September 24, 2015; Thus, to emphasize approbation, Dustin Hollywood Photography exposed the upcoming album's new artwork posted (via instagram) by Nakid Magazine which eventually led the fans to express more of its sublimity.

In having the achievement of innovating fans year by year, Crywolf has not only attract listeners with the its uniqueness of indie, electronic, and dubstep genre of music, but with words and storyline expressed behind the lyrics of every song that was released. The singer's heartfelt voice surely led and captivated the hearts of many.

For more information, the previous EP entitled "Dysphoria" that is adored by a  deep felt emotions behind the lyrics which is based on sadness, alongside "Neverland" featuring Charity Lane has been widely admired, and reviewed internationally more than its previous songs. It is most recognized by its extraordinary singular style of music. One of the previous song that also eventually became a hit is entitled "Ghosts", this song became popular and been able to maintain the growth of fans since last 2013 until to this day. In addition, acoustic versions is also availabe in Crywolf! Thousands of people are captivated by turning electronic music, to beautifullly pieced guitar. To think Crywolf has achieved far beyond expectations. Why am I saying this? Expect more from the newly announced album "Rising, Rising", for it has more to offer by its style, genres, and many more! Believe in its authentic, captivating, and laudable music! Look forward with what Crywolf has to offer, and that is to meet your musical satisfaction.