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Song Of The Day // Solsine - Proton (feat. Brownie & Santego)

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Solsine is an emerging group from London, England who have that new/old combination of sound to bass driven house. They recently dropped their new track, Proton, and a few remixes to go with it from some of the UK’s sizable underground.

Proton itself is unmistakably British, with obvious 2-step influences and rhythms. Solsine as a whole takes a lot of inspiration from mid-to-late 90’s dance music, and this mixes along a bit of early dubstep. Lyrics coming from rapper Santego make this reminiscent of the “Rap-Rave” style of early-90’s hardcore techno.

The Moony remix makes the link between the mid-2010’s Classic House throwback even more concrete, mixing the song into a new take on British garage-era house music. He cuts away at the tune until it hits bone, removing all except the most crucial acid warbles and blippy drums from the chorus.

Rare Candy, who previously remixed Solsine’s first single Deeper, also throw their take in. Rare Candy do the inverse of Moony, pumping up the song’s bigger elements and throw in some heavy synth pads to give it a real 3am feel.

Finally, the official dub of this song mixes all the elements together into a very dubby dub, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Eliminating the rap from the original makes a very downtempo, house/dub fusion that is guaranteed to be infectious to 2-steppers and shape-pullers alike.

Solsine is looking to go places in London’s vast scene of cool. With previous singles drawing comparisons to artists like Chase and Status and a continued look into the 90’s shallow house trend, Solsine should be showing up in a club near you very soon. Look for Proton and its remixes to drop very, very soon.