Seven Lions
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Seven Lions

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       Usually EDM music is considered bland, emotionless, or just a beat you wouldn't listen too off the dance floor. That isn't the case for this Production Virtuoso. Seven Lions (Jeff Montavlo) manages to capture something special in each track. From uplifting meolodies that send you soaring through the sky, to the darkest caverns below with brooding basslines; You should prepare yourself for an epic adventure with every listen. Every moment has a progressive feel to it, always feeling like you are part of something bigger. Cutting through the neverending sea of Producers, Seven Lions has carved a well earned name for himself in the industry. 

       His first EP, Polarized, made a huge splash in the production world with his complex, puzzling basslines sprinkled with delightful melodies. As time continued, he did not dissapoint with his next two EPs, Days to Come and Worlds Apart. Days to Come featured many of the signiture Seven Lions sounds that he was slowly and carefully crafting. Moving into his next EP, Worlds Apart, featuring heavy hitting vocalists Ellie Goulding, Tove Lo, and Kerli, Seven Lions really captures some amazing emotional vibes that fuel the very fibers of the human mind. Venturing off the path a little for the next EP, Seven Lions released The Throes of Winter in 2015. Differing from his signature sound that many ossociated him with, he captures something unique in itself. Nonetheless powerful the EP really sticks to its name delivering cold and icy chills with lyrics that cover how to say goodbye to someone/something you once loved, to the numbing spot of finding that you've lost feelings for someone; Seven Lions encases several emotions and manages to speak them through music.

       I think thats what makes Seven Lions so special. He has the ability to capture and emulate Emotion in the endless void that is considered Electronic Music. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of electronic music that isnt emotionless. However, being someone who sucessfully produces music as well, I see how easy it is to get caught in the trends and the genre wars to try and carve a name for yourself. Meanwhile, you have Jeff Montavlo, producing music that bring him happiness and lets him have fun. Thats what music is all about to me.