Jon Bellion
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Be on the Lookout for Jon Bellion

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I may sound a little bit bias because Jon Bellion is, without a doubt, my favorite artist, however, he is someone you should get to know. Besides his fly hair and dope beard, he has invented an entirely new genre of music; One that is influenced by hip-hop, indie rock, rock, and pop. It is almost as if Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Imogen Heap were combined into one, multifaceted and extremely talented artist/singer/producer. It sounds crazy, but its true. Bellion signed to Visionary Music Group (Logic and Quest) in 2012. He then signed with Capitol Records after the release of his second mixtape “Translations Through Speakers”. Bellion is currently wrapping up his sophomore tour, “The Definition Tour”, with his day-one band “Beautiful Mind”.


What sets Bellion apart from other artists is the fact how he’s so humble, gives credit to his band, and is so fortunate for the opportunity presented to him. He treats his whole fan base as one family and this isn’t seen often in artists. Most artists go to instagram to post some picture that incorporates some sort of advertisement from an outside company. Bellion chooses to post pictures of fans who have received Jon Bellion tattoos and the captions don’t read “can’t start the morning without my favorite whey protein courtesy of….”. Instead he praises his fans for the love and support. To me, this is a sign of future success. Well sorry, he has already won a grammy for writing Eminem’s “Monster” in addition to producing “Trumpets" for Jason Derulo and even a Cody Simpson song.


You will be able to hear Bellion on the radio in 3 months and be on the lookout for the live instrumental sets from his tour. At the Boston show, he also spit a verse off his upcoming album and it was simply insane. Nothing else. So, if you haven’t heard his music, do so because you will be hooked instantly. 

(Listen to “The Definition”)


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