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Leave it up to Pitbull to update an old classic

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In “Free.k” he uses Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me” and gives it an up-tempo house spin. That part is really good, probably because the original track was strong to begin with, but the rest of Pitbull’s “Free.k” is a typical Pitbull song, without any surprises or particulars.

The track follows up his Chris Brown collaboration “Fun”, which brought an 80s sound back with a Miami Vice type video.

Today, Armando Christian Pérez, which is Pitbull’s birth name, only uploaded an audio video of “Free.k” to his Vevo channel, so we’ll have to wait and see if he plans to bring back all the classic elements of a 90s RnB video for this one.

“Free.k” is a straight up house track with an incredibly strong intro. It “pump pumps” energy at you that it holds until mid-way through the second verse. There are a few moments in the track, the chorus after the second verse and the bridge, where the track gets slowed down musically.

It’s a commercial radio friendly house song, that will probably do well in the charts, but it’s not one  of those anthems that become classics over time nor is it as different or gimmicky to the rest, like “Timber” and “Fireball” were, for instance. Nope, it’s one those goes in one ear and out the other kind of songs. Cash in effortlessly, and make sure money is no longer an issue.

Pitbull still has no complaining to do there. Yesterday, he performed a concert at Microsoft’s flagstore launch in New York City. The concert would only be available to the first 1,000 people who showed up at the opening.

Yep, Pitbull loves a party. Since his rise to world domination, by rapping in English, partying has been his main topic, but there’s probably a lot less party vibe behind the scenes of his life. Pitbull is a smart ass business man, who puts work first.

His entrepreneur skills have been noted by many people, causing business  news broadcasters to research the man in an attempt to inspire others. In case you missed his CNBC special “Fame and Fortune”, you only need to know that he loves the work, the fight and the hustle and that 90% of his success comes from hard work and 10% from his talent.

And he too, gives back to the community. Earlier this month, he became the celebrity ambassador Miami Children's Health Foundation and has even been rewarded for his charity work by getting inducted to the Ambassador David M. Walters International Pediatric Hall of Fame.

What counts for the pitbull dog counts for the man too. If received the right care, they are not at all a bad breed. But musically, I hope his next song is better….

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