Turn the Music Louder (Rumble) [Radio Edit]
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Tinie Tempah and Katy B channeling the 90s

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The great thing about putting different artists together, is that you might just get something different from them than the usual. KDA definitely got something slightly different from Katy B on “Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)”, a track with Tinie Tempah.


Katy B is known to bring some R&B inspired vocals to dance music, but in this track she lays the vocals down like a straight forward pop-dance song. It works, but, for me, I have to get used to this sound. It’s a good thing, there’s a, I think, improvised type of bridge, where she works it!


Musically, the beat of the song reminds me of the days when old ‘skool’ hip hop was meeting the early house music. It reminds me of the DNA remix of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” and, perhaps, even a little Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Symphony”.


Together with the bassline, reminding me of the Outhere Brother’s “Boom Boom Boom”, it brings all those 90s sounds back into a track that could just as well have been a new Pitbull song ‘cos he has a habit of doing that too.


The video emphasizes the feel even more. The colors and shapes in the backgrounds, all give you a little bit of a flashback to the 80s and/or 90s, depending on which shot.


With the looks, moves and poses of the girls and Katy B, and their 70s inspired outfits, they are giving me the idea that this could’ve been a Deee Lite or Cathy Dennis video, if it actually were the 90s. I guess it probably shows I was heavily into the UK pop scene in the 90s.


Anyway, basically, all that happened here is that Tinie Tempah and Katy B have added their vocals to KDA’s track “Rumble”, which had been having UK clubs jumping for a while. So now, there’s a very radio friendly version.


For Tinie Tempah, btw, this is not the first time this year, he has released a retro sounding track. His last collaboration, was a track called “Not Letting Go” with Jess Glynne, which would take you back to a soulful and groovy 70s/80s R&B and disco sound. Perfect for the summer and just as catchy as “Turn The Music Louder”, which has a chorus you are still singing an hour after hearing the track for the first time.


So when you play it, turn it up.