Paper Gods
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Fear Of Dancing With Lindsay Lohan

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Million dollar question: on whose album did John Frusciante play short before he announced he is retiring from his active music career? The answer lies in the one of the most prominent 80s band. If you have thought about Duran Duran, congratulations, this review just got more interesting for you.

Janelle Monnae, Kiesza, Lindsay Lohan, Nilea Rodgers, Mr Hudson and Mark Ronson are all on new Duran Duran album, alongside John Frusciante. Paper Gods is solid, not overly exciting album, that will probably achieve to provoke rock public and comfort their fans. I already hear something like – Are those fossils still trying to make music? Oh, they do and they should keep on doing so.

On the trail of Take That’s album Progress, Paper Gods cherishes electronic dance pop music. With few corking pop number no one would be ashamed of, Duran Duran seem like bona fide group of guys who are doing their job the best they can. First five songs are the evidence for it, while the other half of this collection aims lower. Emotional depth, inspiration and other breath taking stuff you will have to find on some other albums but the profundity of boredom is easily to be found on a track like Danceophobia, feautiring Lindsay Lohan. Don’t worry, the song would be awful even If she wasn’t there.

Frusciante increases the quality of two songs ‘ What Are The Changes and The Universe Alone. Sunset Garage sounds like you have heard it many times before and makes you move your hips. Ambition of the group is to be seen  in Paper Gods where they are demonstrating their vocal and composing kunst. I intentionally did not mention lyrical skills.

Cheerful single Pressure Off, featuring Rodgers and Monae is a breath of fresh retro-party. Bonus tracks are surprisingly good. I had an extra bonus surprise – why are this tracks bonuses? This phenomenon often happens. The arist decides to put their best work on the deluxe edition of the album, making it hard for average listener to appreciate them.

These old boys like to have fun and who I am to be their party breaker. Album is going to find their way to the audience, and Duran Duran are going to continue recording so-so music in order to prove they are more than just hit meat. They are not brainless routine seekers, rather workaholics who are ready to fight for a good song, even when the final product is not revolutionary.