Dustin Lynch
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Dustin Lynch is Golden With New Album

Artist reviewed by:

Dustin Lynch has been named numerous times as a country artist to watch. He as great albums that are making waves in the country genre. I remember when he first came out with “That’s Where It’s At.” His voice was something that I would come to like. It has this smoothness and a bit of nasal quality to it that is unique. The newest album that I’ve seen here on Kurrent Music is nothing short of well-balanced. I wish that “Seeing Red” would have been included because it was more of a radio gem. This would have made the album pop more. I see that it has been released as an EP. It would have gotten better sales of the CD if he did it this way. Many of the songs on the CD are beautiful, however and I don’t understand what the market does putting the hits out as singles and not putting them in albums much of the time.

Favorite tracks include “Hurricane.” That has to be the standout track about a girl who is the man’s whole world. It is a very touching love song that anyone who has a significant other would relate with. “Rock You Sweet” is a sweet song too. “Name On It” is a good-time, mid tempo party track. Upon listening to so many more of the tracks on the newer Dustin Lynch album, I am utterly surprised that no more of these tracks became singles. Is the market not in the mood for some home-grown country anymore? So many of the tracks have a similar feel and flow to them. How different of songs could the market be looking for each time? I would want some of these tracks to be featured on the radio. People would jam out to them. I know it. Lynch continues to be a great singer and co-writer. Check him out.