Brooke Eden
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Brooke Eden ‘Daddy’s Money’ – Single Review

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Florida native Brooke Eden is a self-proclaimed “city girl, but country by blood”, who grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. She describes her music has a fusion of country, rock, and blue-eyed soul. Brooke was featured on Season 7 of the talent show, American Idol, which is currently in its final season. She has said that her experience on Idol taught her a lot about the music industry and gave her the “kick in the butt she needed” to follow her dreams. Eden lists Jennifer Nettles, LeAnn Rimes, and Katy Perry among her musical influences, which gives you a glimpse of what to expect when listening to her own music.

Brooke’s debut single, “Daddy’s Money” is a sassy, rocking number that will fit perfectly in with the current climate at mainstream radio right now. The song finds Eden telling the story of a girl who grew up in the country (a far cry from how Eden herself grew up), and then left home when she was 18, making her way on her own, because she never had “daddy’s money”. The narrator moves to the city and works her butt off for what little she has. The chorus, “I ain’t never had daddy’s money/ didn’t come from the land of milk and honey/ everything I got/ I got working to the bone/ to the bone/ to the bone/ I ain’t taking/ I’m making my living/ what’s mine is mine/ it ain’t never been given/ I got it all honey/ but I ain’t never had daddy’s money”, sums up the main message of the song.

It’s a song most of us middle-classers can relate to. We were born to a hard working father who put every last dollar he earned to paying the bills and feeding us, with not much left over. We don’t have trust funds and can’t rely on “daddy’s money” to pay for college or make our way in life. We can definitely relate to lines like “livin’ on pennies in hope of the American Dream” and “Now I ain’t hatin’ on a trust fund baby/I just wasn’t that fortunate”, as we really don’t hate on those who get to live off their parent’s money, although we are a bit jealous at times! Hard work and earning your own way is good for the soul and your character.

“Daddy’s Money” is a fun, sassy song with a revved up, driving production. This song doesn’t come off as judgemental nor does it poke fun at the more well-to-do crowd. Instead, it celebrates the middle class, blue collar way of life. It uses an age old theme in a fresh, new way and couples it with a mainstream sound. This single is guaranteed to have success on radio, and I believe it deserves it. I look forward to hearing more from Brooke Eden.

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