Home For Christmas
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Songs for the Season and Coming Home

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Yes, I'm still at it. 

I'm still happily looking for Christmas albums that would help liven up the coming merry month of December in my part of the world. Or more specifically, my own corner at home. And this time, my sights (or should I say ears) are turned (and tuned) towards the nine-time Grammy winning artist, Sheryl Crow. This lovely lady, a singer-songwriter no less, stands out as one musician who is able to incorporate pop, rock, folk, country and blues to her music. And for this ability, I say hats off to her.   

Sheryl has first released this Christmas album way back in 2008 but its worldwide major release on CD took place in 2011. That is good news, of couse, since that means this CD has also become available for her fans who are based outside the US. 

The album takes a fresh approach to some of our beloved Christmas tunes. I would say that what she has done was to take out the songs and make them her very own. I love what she has done with the opening track: Go Tell It to the Mountain as well as to our usual Christmas favorites: The Christmas Song, White Christmas, O Holy Night. The Lou Baxter/Johnny Moore-penned song, Merry Christmas Baby is one song I also enjoy in this album. The Bells of St. Mary comes out as true blue country music here. Sheryl has also written one tune in this album: There is a Star that Shines Tonight 

Hello My Friend, Hello sounds almost nostalgic to me. While one may easily assume that it is a song addressed to another person, I think it could also be taken as a song addressed to one's self. It is another lovely piece in this album, so is All Through the Night.   

Ending the album with the 12th song, Long Road Home, takes us back to our association of Christmas as a time to be with family, to be home with family wherever we may have gone out in our personal journeys or quests. I think it ties in nicely to the album title as well as to Sheryl's own preference that the season is one to be spent with loved ones, with family as she has said in her past interviews. And on that note, I am also in agreement with her.

When all is said and done, Christmas is this one time to especially reconnect with the ones we truly love. It is indeed about taking what may be a long road home.