Gill Landry
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Ghost Country

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There are some artists who think love songs are songs about ghosts. There are some artists who think love has an afterlife. When love ends, these artists sublime their neverending pain into music. Gill Landry is 40 year old American singer songwriter from Louisiana who sounds like he had swallowed cold air from Alaska. What I really want to say, he sounds like his self-titled is not only the third, but the last album in his life.

Landry cherishes confessional, ambiental folk flavored with country. Only reading the song titles, one can conclude he does not have it easy in life. Starting with Funeral In My Heart and finishing with Bad Love. There are also Waiting For Your Love and Lost Love.

He is an exquisite author who knows how to write and how to play music. Some tracks sound have his more famous colleagues’ names written all over them – Funeral In My Heart, Just Like You, and Take This Body in which Laura Marling joins him in his lament. Besided Laura Marling, another guest appereance are Nick Etwel’s (Mumford and Sons) trumpets in Fennario and Lost Love.

Landry trusts his voice, his lyrics and his associates and he doesn’t really care about the production. The whole album sounds pretty unvaried and insufficiently polished. It is not that the tracks are technically wrong (because they are not), it is just that the arranged sentiment is persistent in its tedium throughout the album. Sad and reflective. Luckily, the autumn is here so Gil Landry’s self titled album will be more congruent to your emotional state.

As Landry was once a part of Old Crow Medicine Show, it will be interesting to follow the development of his solo career. He is already demonstrating he is not just into obscurity. My guess is this artist makes you fall in love with him while he is performing live.