Bain Wolfkind
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Bain Wolfkind

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Coffee, black coffee, I need more black coffee right now. Black coffee, black nails on her feet and a black poison between us. Making love in a car, in a bathroom, in a park and then – a very long night of love in a cheap motel room with noir-movie on muted TV. Coffee and whiskey, dirty pictures and hot love. Hot love, cold love, dark love, eternal true love.

“Drinkin’ At The Crowbar” and talking to her. Beautiful blue eyes are staring at me with a hungry interest and a challenge. She’s exploring me from head to toe. She’s going to change a song. This time it’s “Blue Eyes and Codeine”. What a match. I’m going crazy, though, I know it’s alright and this moment is planned to be. Bain Wolfkind’s music is a fascinating soundtrack for life worth living. Dark, viscous and slow melodies are eating your insides with taste and style.

Bain Wolfkind is an Austrian musical artist. He’s a part of: Der Blutharsch, Fragola Nera and Novo Homo. When he goes solo it sounds like a noir-bar with surf echoes and a cold, machine-like blues. Southern dirt mixed with Pulp-stories told with Bain’s deep voice – all this makes you wanna drink and have sex.

European Americana of a post-industrial man calling himself “Poison”. “I’m Bad, Baby” – says Bain, but we know really bad people cannot be so truly touching. His blues is a confession of “just a Drowning Man” taken from noir-movie which never existed. But the lust you feel while listening to Bain Wolfkind’s records is real and it poisons you with something making you wanna live and try.

If you have never listened to Bain Wolfkind’s music I suggest you to start with “Burlesque” and “Dark Eyes”. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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