Colin Lloyd Tucker
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Another Moonlight Serenade. New Old School

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My promotional CD arrived with a hand written note from Colin containing the somewhat cryptic message ‘more of the same old new horizons’.

These days musical artists are encouraged to ‘grow their fan base’. The music business encourages them to study their streaming data, identify the most popular tracks and give their fans more of the same.

C.L.T. would never subscribe to such an idea. For forty years he has changed genres like underpants. Those of us who have been along for the ride have learnt to expect the unexpected. He has always been comfortable in his musical shoes and therefore supremely confident in whichever field he chooses to linger. He lets his muse dictate direction.

This new single is the follow up to his July 2019 single Jamaica Inn, a Belafonte-esk calypso that was surprisingly commercial and did glean Colin some mainstream radio play. Needless to say there is no trace of Mr Belafonte’s Caribbean lilt on this new single.

Powered by his new Anglo/American band which includes long term collaborator and virtuoso guitarist Brian Neil, Another Moonlight Serenade is, for the most part, an old school R&B number, yet it switches into a kind of psychedelic pop from time to time, it is complex yet catchy.

A big drum fill leads us into an orgy of pumping bass, funky guitars and swinging brass. A sixties style organ stabs and bubbles away eventually giving way to chugging, psychedelic strings performed by the wonderfully named ‘Loyal Sympathy Orchestra’, all leading to a catchy sing-song play out with it’s‘I’m vibrating and you’re vibrating’ refrain.

Genuinely uplifting with a ‘the weekend starts here’ attitude this is a very likeable, fantastic release.

More of the same please…oh no, sorry, that’ll never happen..


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