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68creep's debut album 'Goodnight, Sweet Betty' is a dark earworm you'll love

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There is music that sounds like it was designed for a film soundtrack. Then there is movie that sounds like it directly jumped out, live and charged, from a film soundtrack. Take ‘Black Cat’ for instance. This title track from ‘Goodnight, Sweet Betty’, the debut album from Brooklyn-based outfit 68creep fits into the latter category, and when I say “jumps out”, I mean “jumps out” and “stands out”.

The vocals seamlessly drift in and out, always with direction and the best vocal rudder one can hope for. The accompanying music is thoughtful and immersive, engulfing the listener and triggering one’s deep and dark imagination in the same way that Julie Cruise did once upon a time and also the soundtracks for various other David Lynch films. This is shady grifter rock for those not afraid to dabble in dark timeless melancholy.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the name of this album actually derives from the film “Mulholland Drive”, so the puzzle comes together.

The band’s backstory is equally interesting, with founders John McRandle and Patrick Casey meeting at a New York City advertising agency. Both were working on a marketing campaign for the same agency, promoting drugs designed to combat schizophrenia.

“This album wouldn’t have sounded like this if it wasn’t written in New York. We are always talking about how a relationship with New York is love/hate. And it’s a real relationship. This environment is gonna seep into your songs, like an ex lover might slip into a dream. Whether you want them there or not,” explains Patrick Casey.

The Kiss/Kill/Repeat label gave them the backing and impetus that they needed and very soon they were pushing their heavy, surreal, carny, creepcore to any like-minded music fan they could find. 

Released via Kiss/Kill/Repeat Records, the 'Goodnight, Sweet Betty' album follows up the band’s first EP ‘The Rumors Are True’. Both releases are available on the band’s Bandcamp at https://68creep.bandcamp.com