American Candy
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They Have Our American Candy

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The Maine has been touring non stop since the release of their last album, American Candy, earlier this year. As this is their fifth album, we all know this isn't their first rodeo and we expected nothing less than greatness, and that is exactly what we got. This album definitely gives us an alternative pop/rock vibe, but it does not fail to make us dance wherever we are . With melodic tunes such as “Am I Pretty?” and “Same Suit, Different Tie”, we can’t help but move in our chairs. Most of the album gives us the dancey feel, but then we are moved by the powerful ballad of “24 Floors” which totally changes our vibe. This song is an anthem for everyone who is struggling, and encourages them to get up and move on, but in a very compelling manner. But we soon forget the depressing tones of “24 Floors” when we are introduced to great songs such as “(Un) Lost” and “Diet Soda Society”. Although “(Un) Lost” also has some depressing undertones, it still makes us groove just as hard.


Finally, the album goes out with a bang by ending with “Another Night On Mars” which is a campfire anthem inspired by drinking and sharing memories with your best friends. This is such a fun song, you can’t help but smile when you listen to it! It really just makes you appreciate the memories you’ve made with those special people in your life, and get you even more excited for the ones that are to come.

As usual, The Maine does not disappoint. Although living up to Forever Halloween was a very difficult task to be done, they exceeded our expectations and dropped us this wonderful alternative rock masterpiece. And to make us love them even more than we already did, they even went on a free tour to promote the album. How could you refuse free concert tickets for everyone? These guys just keep setting the bar and surpassing it every single time and we can’t wait for whatever is next to come.