Pure Romance
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Nothing Less But Truly Pure Romance

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There is something about piano music that can easily relax a listener. And add to that how it can also smoothly lead a listener from an ordinary setting to a romantic one. It is even much more easier and smoother, I would say, if it is being played by Jim Brickman. 

While I have had the privilege (and pleasure) to listen to Brickman's earliest works (the albums No Words released in 1994 and By Heart released the following year), I could easily say that this multi-awarded pianist and songwriter keeps getting better at his music. Album by album since 1994, Brickman has reminded us that words are not always necesarry. Love, hope, faith, joy and all their varied shades could all be experienced even in the absence of words. Instrumental music, specifically Brickman's piano music can be sufficient. 

This 2015 album of Brickman is nothing less but faithful to what it promises through its album title: Pure Romance. That is what you will get with the 12 songs in this album. From my perspective, the songs Valentine and The Gift (both penned by Brickman himself),  A Thousand Years and All of Me have become such big hits and had somehow become "overplayed" and "oversang" in the process. But when these songs are just simply interpreted by Brickman on the piano, I find them quite fresh again. And I would have to say that I fell in love with the song A Thousand Years one more time, thanks to this album.

Pure Romance would make a lovely companion for you and your loved one for Valentine's Day or any other day for that matter when you would like to just feel the love and romance in the air. I think it would also be a great gift for your special someone even if he/she is not yet a Brickman fan. You could even wrap it up for next month's Christmas gift-giving. 

Simply put, if you just want things to be said, to be felt without words, this album would be it. Let it tell you just by piano music alone what Pure Romance is.