Stewart Copeland
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For Drummers or Anyone Else

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The first (second) instrument I learned and fell in love with was the drums, I have no idea why or blah blah blah, but the first drummer I wanted to be was Stewart Copeland. Everything he did was tight and laid back and had so much groove that it could almost make up the better third of The Police...

I know that since the 80's and the dissolution of Sting Summers and Stewart he's been writing film scores, but apparently he's actively Youtubing footage from his own studio (w/ Snoop Dogg, Ben Harper, Primus etc) regularly and all kinds of cool things. After watching the following video I wouldn't be surprised if this is what he does all day -



Here's Stewart and Snoop at 'Sacred Grove' (Copeland's private studio)


Check out the link below to see what really goes on at the Sacred Grove...