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Good Charlotte Makeshift Love

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Your favorite middle school pop-punk band is back! That’s right, this week Good Charlotte released they’re first song since 2010 titled “Makeshift Love”. During their downtime, the Madden brothers kept busy by releasing a free mix tape and a full length album titled Greetings from California.

The new song “Makeshift Love” is a total throw back,with the song demonstrating the brothers signature sound. Lead singer Joel Madden confidently belts his anthematic lyrics and the rest of the band demonstrates their punky style to create an upbeat sound thats easy to rock out to. Don’t let the low budget music video dissuade you from the song because there are some commendable qualities in “Makeshift Love”. Guitars blaze as Madden sings: 

“I f*cking hate these nights, the ones where you don't know me If I could get this right, if I could get away from the old me But I'll survive, right now I'm dying just to breathe in Just to be alive, just to get away from the old me”.

It’s really nice to hear his voice again, and it sounds just as powerful and full of attitude as it used to. Just as the band has grown older, their music has matured. You can hear it, they seem to have a more controlled and disciplined sound.

As a whole, “Makeshift Love” is a high octane song that is guaranteed to bring back some good memories. This is the only single they have released so far and a release date for the next Good Charlotte album remains unconfirmed.

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