Unbroken Praise (Live)
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One More Great Album from Matt Redman

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I first took notice of Matt Redman's music when I heard The Heart of Worship more than a decade ago, 15 years to be exact. From then on, through the years, the songs of this English singer-songwriter and worship leader has continued to touch me in my own journey of worshiping God. 

Redman's musical gift and ability to help people connect in worship is undeniable and the awards he has received appear to confirm this. He has won a Dove award in 2005 for co-writing the song Blessed be Your Name which won as Worship Song of the Year as well as two Grammy awards in 2013 for another song he co-wrote 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) which won Best Contemporary Christian Music Song and Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance. And this year, the release of the album Unbroken Praise is happy news for everyone who loves Redman's songs.

The album begins with the upbeat Louder. Flames (3rd track) and King of My Soul (6th track) are also of a faster tempo while the rest of the songs in the album, I would say, are of the slower kind. It is Well with My Soul and the title track Unbroken Praise are the songs I like best in this album. But I could confidently say that the rest of the songs could easily be a favorite after a couple of times of listening to--the kind of songs that would grow to your liking or taste definitely if you are fond of contemporary Christian music. 

The last song in the album, Majesty of the Most High, rounds up for us another great album from Redman. Unbroken Praise like his previous ones will not leave you disappointed. You will once again appreciate both the message and the music of this album. 

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