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Hoops They Did It Again

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Blues is a sound of a man who is still trying to find out who he is. Blues rock is omnipresent on today’s music scene. Many artists are finding their inspiration in the old blues rock sound and then they interpret it in their own, modern way. The most popular of this kind are definitely The Black Keys but Australian band The Rubens is just one small step behind them. They have become critically acclaimed in Australia after releasing their debut album and now they are coming after you, world.

Hoops is solid continuation of their first album, full of catchy tracks, uncompromised energy and power house vocal. Great mixture of garage rock, soul and blues smoothed with attractive slow tempo. Besides The Black Keys, their role models are also The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix so they have managed to select the best from tradition and bedeck it with fresh ears of their own artistic vision. Guitars are prominent, as blues rock requires, but they never overshadow elegant and energetic vocal. Small dose of soul matrix pulls of distortion of melodies.

Hallelujah was the first single and it is a bombastic opener, an introduction to the similar explosive stuff. There are also some ballades, such as Switchblade, a beautifully orchestrated track in which they are singing about commitment and persistence , no matter what the obstacles are. There are few other love themed numbers sung by a young man still looking for himself. Music is his path.

Cut Me Loose reminded me of Kings Of Leon, especially the chorus and it is my second favorite of the album. The Fool is a light closing track and it totally makes sense because the rhythm of the album suggests such an end.

The Rubens have brought meaningful, fun and fresh story. Even though you can recognize their influences, they are original. This album is going to be loved by fans of modern blues rock and garage rock.