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So Dark It Makes You Laugh

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For every type of darkness, there is a different light creature. Just because something is dark, it doesn’t mean it can not make you laugh. Here is a band that manages to prove that time and time again. In 2010, when the single Parallels came out, it was clear that The Soft Moon is not an ordinary dark band, rather a band that offers something new and puts an eclectic light on a music scene. It was dark at first sight but it was just a matter of time when there are going to make us fall in love with the light that lies underneath it.

With their debut album, the shocked us and proved they are the band we need to count on in the future. Project of Luis Vasquez was a touchdown for post-punk and darkvawe scene, generating a strong fanbase and critical claim. Even though they come from USA coast, they sound was nothing like one of those indie coast dudes. Listening to the album, you can hear elements of French new wave, gothic rock, post-punk, EBM, psychedelic, krautrock… WOW, just WOW! It was clear this eclecticism needs to continue.

Deeper is their third album. Nomen est omen. They are digging even deeper into the darkness, experimenting like never before. Their music is a tool for searching through the deep levels of human psyche and it doesn’t even sound depressive or melancholic. It is happy in its obscurity. Psychedelic landscapes with darkwave background took me to some exotic places in my mind where everything starts and everything ends. It left me wondering- how is it possible that something so dark did not cover me with nonsense? Instead, it made me laugh.

Far and Black are definitely my favorites from this album. They are rocking their classical The Soft Moon story and it almost makes you have an orgasm. I also loved Wasting and Try because they reminded me of their first album. Deeper and Being are closing the album in the best way possible – with EBM and new wave.

Impeccable blending of different genres, supported by intellectual lyrics, make The Soft Moon one of the most successful bands of post-punk revival. With every album, they bring something new but the subtext is the same – deep and dark, without compromises. Minimalistic and simple. Perfect ten.