Maximum Entropy
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Dancing in the middle of melancholy

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Dark letters merged with an explosion of synthesizers that could perfectly well be the soundtrack to a party at its peak. This is the perfect definition of the sound produced by the English duo Man Without Country.

Maximum Entropy is the second album released by them. The successor to the great Foe, from 2012, brings again that shoegaze with strong electronic elements that dictated the first work of the band. However, in this work the duo concentrated on less dragged and more dancing songs. What is perfectly noticeable in the opening track "Claymation".

As soon "Entropy" passes its introduction and explodes in a relaxing synthpop, it is easy to see that the songs consist of a series of layers of sounds that mix various elements of genres that may seem conflicting, but the pair managed to fit in a line perfect. Resulting in a sound soft and explosive at the same time. Melancholy and dancing. This formula repeated on tracks like "Oil Spill" and "Dead Sea".

At times the disk reaches moments of a remarkable overwhelming depth bordering on despair as the beautiful "Loveless Mariage" and "Incubation". In others, it surprises with pop songs like "Laws Of Motion" and "Sweet Harmony", track that closes the album. This mishmash of different levels and layers is what makes Maximum Entropy a great record.