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A trippy release for Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey's new single, High By The Beach, has officially been released and it's going to be a big player on radio stations everywhere this summer.

The second release from her upcoming album, Honeymoon, Del Rey has returned to her signature sultry sound, something similar to her previous release Born To Die (2012). Her voice is a breathy, raspy, wisp over a synthesized church organ that plays a minimalistic chord pattern underneath. And right in the back there's the sound of wind, creating the open feeling of being on the beach in front of the ocean. It adds a touch of realism to the music, really putting forward this beach image that she's going for to give some oomph to the message in the lyrics.

"The truth is I never bought into your bullshit, when you would pay tribute to me. 'Cause I know that all I wanted to do is get high by the beach, get high baby, baby, bye, bye. /Now you're just another one of my problems because you got out of hand. We won't survive, we're sinking into the sand."

Del Rey is throwing her 'boyfriend' to the waves, washing away the old and refreshing herself by doing nothing but getting high and starting again. It could be said that that's what she's doing with this new album. She's burying Lana Del Rey (2010), Born To Die (2012), and Ultraviolence (2014) in the sand and starting again. 

The sleepy atomosphere created in this new music and mellow tones suggest that High By The Beach is her holiday, and now she's gearing up for the release of Honeymoon later in the year.

Look out for it.


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