The Adarna
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The Adarna Release Superman Video

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SEATTLE, WA - Soundgate Records Artiste, The Adarna, release “Superman”, as their second music video single off their latest album How Perceptive (2015).

The song “Superman” was originally released as a single but quickly became a fan-favorite gaining the band fame in new communities past their typical rock-n-roll-club-crowds such as comic, anime, and sci-fi communities. This prompted the band to release their latest album this past April, featuring their singles “Superman” and “Sugar.”

The video for Superman highlights exhibits from The Sparks Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, WA. This museum is notable for hosting the world’s largest private collection of mankind’s electrical history including the first light bulb and one of the largest tesla coils in the world (which of course makes an appearance in the video).


The Adarna are notable for being the first band to coin the genre of Jet City Rock. This was a way to pay homage to their hometown of Seattle while separating their interactive rock style of music from more over-processed, synthesized music. This and their aggressive tour schedule particularly caught the attention of Epiphone/Gibson Guitars who will be featuring the “Superman” music video worldwide on their websites and newsletter.  


To support the release of “Superman” and How Perceptive, The Adarna will be embarking on their 5th North American tour in July 2015 as well as their first international tour over the Dec 2015 holidays to perform for the US troops in the Middle East. For full tour schedule please refer to:

The music video will be available online 6/22/15 at:   

For Fans Of: Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Sevendust, Halestorm & Three Days Grace

Written by: The Adarna                                                                                                          

Producer: Len Hotrum |   Engineer: Chris Rahm

Recorded at: Robert Lang Studios and Orbits Studios                        

Video Director & Producer: Avast Productions, Seattle WA  

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The Adarna Releases Superman

SEATTLE, WA -  Soundgate Records Artiste, The Adarna, release “Superman”, as their second music video single…

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